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Hi friends, and happy March! Do you consider it spring now? Even though the first official day is a few weeks away, I feel like when we flip the calendar to March that spring is here.

Occasionally I like to take a moment here to just catch up. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on with us lately.

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  • We’re getting ready to have hardwood floors installed in most of our upstairs and, you guys, this is so overdue. This house was built in 1992 and I think the carpets up there are original. In any event, they’ve been here since we moved in in 2001 and have lived through two kids, two dogs, and two granddogs (and me! I spill a lot!) so I think you get the idea. It was quality carpet, but still. They’re supposed to start on the hardwoods next week and will be here for about a month doing our bedroom, my office, the hallway, and the stairs. We opted not to do the kids’ old bedrooms (now a guest room and Tom’s office) and will be recarpeting instead, mainly because we need a place for all this stuff to go for now. If you’ve had it done, you know that having hardwoods installed is basically like moving out. 
Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze in the dining room
  • Tom is painting my office in Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze before the hardwoods go in. This is the third room I’ve painted this color, including our bedroom and dining room. SW describes it as a brownish gray but to me it reads as a dark charcoal (almost black). Either way, I love how warm and dramatic it makes a room feel, while still being a neutral. I like pairing it with warm woods and touches of brass to keep it feeling warm.
  • Most of what has kept me busy lately are finances and taxes. I’m the numbers nerd in the family so that is my area. I’ve also made it a goal to go paperless this year so I’ve been scanning up a storm. My mom and sister gave me this scanner for my birthday last fall and I love it. I may have even taken a video of how quickly it scans to send to them. Recently Tom mentioned to me that he’s noticed how happy I always am at this time of year because I get to do all the nerdy things. Crazy, but true.

What’s going on in your life lately? I’d love to hear.

P.S. Hello spring and our home in pictures.

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