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Hi friends and happy September! Are you still in summer mode or are you ready to move onto fall? I have to admit I’m ready for a break in the heat if nothing else.

It’s been a while since I checked in so I thought I would share a little of what’s been going on around here, at least according to my iPhone.

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We needed a new runner for our stairs and I went with this wool plaid from Stark Carpet. It was a bit of a splurge, but these stairs are a big focal point in our house and I wanted something special. I was super relieved when it was in and I loved it as much as I hoped I would.

My granddog Milo looking very handsome.

I took a chance on this wool blend rug from Amazon for the piano room and was so pleasantly surprised. It’s affordable and much softer than the seagrass and jute rugs I usually favor.

Another new rug…this one for the living room is the Lenna from Magnolia.

This photo by Susan Kaufman has been the wallpaper on my phone all summer.

On a recent trip to Nell Hills I fell in love with this block print fabric in colors perfect for my home so I grabbed a couple of pillow covers for our entryway.

As soon as this weather cools down, I’d like to add some more potted boxwoods to the patio. They’re so easy to take care of and I love the green they add to patio.

The bag I’ve been carrying all summer.

I’m so excited that football is back. We had our first KU tailgate and game last Friday. I love the rare KU night games. The sun looks so pretty setting over campus.

We stayed in town for the Labor Day weekend and I took advantage of the downtime to put together this puzzle that I picked up a while back. I have a few puzzles from this brand and I really like them, especially the 500piece puzzles which are faster to put together.

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And finally…the biggest news…there’s a new baby girl coming in December! We are over the moon excited. Send me all your grandma names!

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  1. Just wondering how your boxwoods do over the winter? Do you do anything special to help them weather the cold. (I am also in KC.). Thank you.

    1. They do fine as long as we water them occasionally on nice days.

  2. I too, like Robin, was wondering about boxwoods surviving our winters (I live in Jefferson City). Do you have any tips for us? Thank you, Julie, enjoy reading your blog a lot!

    1. Susan, occasionally we have to replace one, but that’s only because I didn’t water it as I should have. But more often than not, they survive the winter, even with my neglect.

  3. Julie, CONGRATS on the baby!!! I can tell you a first grandchild is beyond special. You have so much to look forward to! We called my maternal grandma “Gommy,” so my mom became the same for our kids. My sister and I are now both “Gommy” to our grandkids. It’s a grandma name I’ve not heard anyone else use. My great grandmother was “Gammy,” and the “a” was somehow replaced with a “o” for my grandma.
    Love your stair runner, and I’m going to check that wool blend rug on Amazon.

    1. My Mom was Gom! . That was my niece’s version of Grandmom. When she could finally say Grandmom, my Mom was not having it cause she loved her name Gom so much! Never heard it used before either.

  4. Julie, I LOVE your new home furnishings! The runner and neutral rug in the piano room are my faves. Those pillow covers are sharp. You are ready for all! Milo’s a handsome boy. Congrats on the baby girl coming! Ohmygoodness, I love ours (my one and only grandbaby). She is two, and she calls me Mimi. It’s so sweet to hear her little voice! Happy September to you.

  5. Susan in Texas says:

    Congratulations on soon becoming a grandmother! This YouTube video about the Grandma name store is so cute.

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