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Happy Friday! How was your week?

Mine was absolutely not exciting. I did get a mammogram (this is your reminder to schedule that if you’re due) and when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday I sent her a link to a scanner (I’m going paperless in our office).

So that’s the kind of excitement we’re talking about around here.

On Fridays, I often share interesting or entertaining links I’ve found around the web. Here’s what I saved to share with you this week.

I’ve never been to Atlanta, but they seem to have a lot of lovely homes there, like this one. I’m saving almost every picture for insipiration.

This interactive Fall foliage prediction map is so cool! You use the slider bar at the bottom to choose your date and the color-coded map will show you what foliage should look like everywhere in the continental U.S. on that date.

How to say goodbye at a party. Are you comfortable with ghosting (aka the Irish goodbye)? The way Joanna explains it makes sense. I think the key is the followup text.

Years ago a reader sent me this killer pumpkin bar recipe (thanks, Jillian!) and I make it several times every fall.

My plastic, brightly-colored spatulas were all lost or broken, so I replaced them with these grey ones with wood handles from Target. So pretty!

Speaking of Target, these are my favorite slippers right now. So comfy (they feel like Birkenstocks). I have them in ivory.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Great post, Julie! I love the Atlanta house. I’m so pleased you’re still enjoying the Pumpkin Bars!

    Good reminder for the mammogram. Mine’s this month!


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