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Links for Your Weekend: Miami Edition

Lifeguard TowerI missed putting up this post last Friday because I was on a plane headed home from Miami. Tom and I were there for four days of a business convention that was much more play than work.

Our goal was to make this a complete relaxation vacation, and we succeeded.

We ate at Joe’s Stone Crab, which we loved, and took a walk at the park and along the piers nearby afterwards.

We watched the MLB All Star Game with friends at a half hookah bar/half pizza parlor (very Miami), where the manager agreed to turn the TVs from soccer to baseball for a few hours.

All Star Game

And while Tom golfed, I did a lot of this.

Pina Colada

And this.

miami beach umbrellas

And this.

Miami Beach

And I was reminded that this Kansas girl really, really loves the beach.

I also learned that I had to be down at the water by 9 a.m. to score a front row chair and umbrella. On Wednesday I made it (victory!) and ate my omelet and muffin breakfast at the beach.

breakfast at the beach

Here’s what I’ve been bookmarking from around the web that I wanted to share with you here:

  • Anne Bogel draws 21 life lessons from the Vogue/Anna Wintour documentary The September Issue. I’ve almost watched this a number of times but now I’m making it a priority.
  • Were you a Nancy Drew reader? (I was a member of a Nancy Drew book-of-the-month club for a while as a girl.) If so, the original Nancy Drew was much gutsier than you probably remember.
  • I’m never happier than when my love of houses and love of books collide like they do in this article/photo slideshow about author Jane Green’s Creaky Cottage.
  • And ditto with this photo slideshow of author Mary Kay Andrews’ Tybee Island beach home, decorated with thrifted finds.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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