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Happy Friday to you! Is it feeling like Spring where you are? My daffodils are up, and I’m waiting on the forsythia bushes to finish blooming so I can bring some branches inside. This picture is from a few years ago.

Here’s what I found that I wanted to share with you this week:

I shared a picture of Karen Keysar’s foyer in my last post about foyers and entries, but Elizabeth at Blue and White Home has a post with lots of pics of Karen’s whole Virginia farmhouse.

I’ve made these country ranch green beans several times and they get a thumbs up from us. We usually add a salad and something from the grill.

I ordered all three sizes of these willow-wrapped candle holders. I’ll definitely use them for candles, but they make great vases too. (By the way, this is the small, so they’re generously sized.)

Did you guys catch Mrs. Wilson on PBS Masterpiece on Sunday? Parts 1 and 2 aired last Sunday and Part 3 (the final episode) airs this Sunday. You can also stream it through April 14. Ruth Wilson plays her real-life grandmother who discovered after her husband died that he wasn’t who she thought he was. I’m riveted!

This book swap party sounds like so much fun. What do you think? Kansas City area readers, are you interested?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Julie… excuse me for being such a bad blogger. I haven’t visited anybody in awhile. I just got back from your Foyers and Entries blog. Great eye candy. I am going to go over and visit Karen’s blog. Such a pretty house. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Katie! I found your comment in spam (horrors!) and approved it. Hope that makes it easier for you to leave comments in the future. Thanks for stopping by.

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