Little Office Accessories

I’ve used this garage sale flowerpot as a pencil holder in the office for a while now. I like that its prettier than most things that were made to be pencil holders.

pretty office accessories at CreatingThisLife.com

So after the office remodel I wanted to add some other pretty touches to the office and I started with my paperclip holder, which was one of those plastic cubes with a magnet ring at the top. Very functional, but not very pretty.

small white china bowl for paper clips

So I swapped it out for this tiny white dish I picked up at a recent estate sale.

Sterling verified china white bowl

Turns out I don’t need something that was made to be a paperclip holder out all. (I also throw my chapstick in the bowl. Does anyone else have chapstick on their desk, in their purse, and on their nightstand? #addicted)

pretty office accessories

At another sale I found this sweet little blue and white Delft planter in the garage. (Never skip the garage at estate sales. You never know what you’ll find out there.)

Delft blue and white planter

Delft Holland Planter

I picked up a low-maintenance succulent at the hardware store to put inside.

succulent in small planter

small succulent for office

I like having a little bit of green in as many rooms as my limited gardening skills will allow.

succulent in delft flower pot

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  1. Yes, I’ve got Chapstick all over too…isn’t that normal? 😉

    1. Donnamae, yes, it’s normal. Let’s go with that. 😉

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