Living with Memories

Once upon a time I was a scrapbooker. A pretty committed scrapbooker, in fact.

These days I’m not so much about pressing pictures and memorabilia into books, as I am about finding simple ways to have our memories be part of our lives.

It’s why I like using old tickets stubs and airplane boarding passes as bookmarks.

And why I like the contained chaos of memo boards.

And it’s why I loved – no LOVED – this idea from Kelly at Eclectically Vintage.

After she opens a bottle of wine, she saves the cork and writes the occasion and date on the side.


Aren’t the best ideas always the simplest?

I can’t wait to do this, starting this Thanksgiving.

By the way, Kelly and her simple-yet-so-special idea are featured in this month’s Country Living magazine.

Congrats to Kelly and thanks to her for letting me share her picture here.

How are you living with your memories?

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