London Souvenirs

Lindsey was in charge of our London itinerary, and she told me that we had to go to Fortnum and Mason. That I would love it. She was right!

Fortnum and Mason London Storefront

Fortnum and Mason is a specialty foods and department store with a history that goes back 300 years. Originally the store was a grocery store; today it includes departments for foods, teas & coffee, wines, housewares, beauty, and gifts. It also includes several restaurants and tea rooms.

We visited the flagship store on Piccadilly, where a doorman greets you as you enter.
Fortnum and Mason Doorman

I got exactly one decent picture of the inside of the store, but this display will give you an idea of what it’s like.

Fortnum and Mason Display

In addition to the departments listed above, Fortnum and Mason is especially known for their wicker picnic hampers, complete with buckled straps and the letters F & M on the top of each one.
fortnum and Mason wicker basket

Fortnum and Mason Wicker Hamper

Wicker hamper buckle detail

I knew before we went to the store that I wanted to buy a hamper and have it shipped home, which is exactly what I did. The number of hamper options was overwhelming, so I asked the salesman which was the most popular, and he said The Piccadilly Hamper, which includes several things that Fortnum & Mason is famous for: loose tea, chocolate and jam. Sold.

Fortnum and Mason Picadilly Basket Hamper

So last week a little bit of London was delivered to my doorstep.

Fortnum and Mason Teas

Fortnum and Mason Salted Caramels

Fortnum and Mason Jam

It was such a treat to have this arrive after we came back home.

As far as other souvenirs, I like to buy things on trips that I’ll use when I get home, so tea towels are often on my list. In addition to being practical, they’re affordable, easy to find, and easy to pack. I loved the color of this F & M tea towel.

Fortnum and Mason Tea Towel

And I loved this towel with scenes of London I found in the St. Paul’s Cathedral gift shop.

London tea towel

London teatowel detail

My other London souvenirs came from the day we spent shopping Portobello Road.

Portabello Road Storefront

This Highland Store was full of Scottish plaids: scarves, kilts, and blankets. Wool, plaid blankets are one of those classic items that I find hard to resist. I passed this display and looked through that stack of blankets you see there several times before I decided to choose one to bring home with me.

Wool plaid blanket made in scotland

Plaid wool blanket toile pillow

Highland Tweeds Wool Blanket

And another thing I find hard to resist: silverplate flatware.

Sheffiled Kings Pattern Silverplate

One of the weekend vendors was selling this Sheffield King’s pattern. I chose some knives and some more of the soup spoons with round bowls, like the ones I previously bought on Etsy.

Sheffield Silverplate Round Bowl Soup Spoons

I especially love the shell design on the back of the spoons.

Sheffield Silverplate Flatware Pattern

I hope to have all of these souvenirs a long time, and to think of our London trip every time I use them.

What are your favorite things to bring back from vacations?

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I try to also bring back things we will consume or use. We try to incorporate the little experiences of our travels into our everyday lives when we get home. I looked at the stack of blankets and I picked the blue one on top. I gave a happy yelp when I scrolled down to find that you had brought home the blue one. I also like to drink tea and I like collecting tea accessories whenever I find them in my travels! Glad you and your family had a safe trip.

    1. Carmen, I lol’d at you pulling for the blue blanket.

  2. We also love London and Fortnum and Mason. one of my all-time favorite finds from Portobello Road is a silver pitcher I use for flowers or water. It’s such fun to bring back treasures like yours to use and enjoy!

    1. I’m sure you have super fond memories of London whenever you use that pitcher, Janet. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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