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Mary Carol Garrity’s New Lake House

Last September I posted my photos of Mary Carol Garrity’s historic home in Atchison, Kansas (see part one here and part two here). Mary Carol is the owner of Nell Hills and I took the photos during her Fall Open House.

Shortly after that I began to hear noises that last year’s Christmas Open House would be the last one she did. I assumed it was because she was tired of having people traipsing through her home three times a year, and who wouldn’t be? It turns out, though, it was because she and her husband were downsizing to a lake home near Kansas City.

In July Mary Carol blogged about the new house and when I contacted her to ask if I could share her photos on this blog, she replied “please do.”  (How gracious that she would take the time to respond, let alone give permission.)

The new home, while much smaller, has the same wonderful Nell Hills style: warm, classic, comfortable.


Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hills New Home

Mary Carol Garritys new home as seen at CreatingThisLife.com

All of the upholstered pieces in the living room were done in blue and white ticking.

Nell Hills Ticking Sofa

Mary Carol’s requirement was that she be able to fit all her artwork in the new home.

Artwork in Mary Carol Garrity's new lake house

Her husband’s requirement was that he be able to bring all his books.

Bookshelves at Nell Hills Mary Carol Garritys new home

As always with Mary Carol and Nell Hills, the details are what make things so remarkable. Like this wet bar.

Wet bar in Mary Carol Garrity's new home

And this butler’s pantry.

Butler's pantry in Nell Hills owner Mary Carol Garrity's new lake home

And these kitchen accessories.

Kitchen accessories in Mary Carol Garrity's new home

I’m so grateful that we’re getting to peek into the new home. And while the open houses seem to be a thing of the past, the Nell Hills stores (in Atchison and Kansas City) will be holding a fall event on September 5 & 6 and a holiday event on November 7 & 8.


  1. Thank you for giving us a peak at Mary Carols new house. It is charming. I could easily live there. I love her style. I have all her books but never got to attend one of her open houses. Wish I lived close enough to shop her stores.

    1. Yarlette, if you’re ever near KC you should make it a point to stop. If you love her style you would really enjoy the stores. Thanks for the comment!

  2. nan;odessa. Delaware says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Tell me why we see rooms that have chairs blocking fireplaces?

    1. Nan, I love chairs flanking a fireplace but those wing backs are blocking it quite a bit, aren’t they? My guess is that it’s a small room and they wanted to include as much seating as possible.

      1. I think that must be the summer position. My grandparents always had summer furniture layouts and winter layouts, along with Christmas and Thanksgiving. When the fire is roaring, I’m sure they are moved sideways, with the table between them.

  3. Looks like a wonderful home. I imagine it’s hard to move into a smaller home when you have so much already. I would be a regular visitor to her stores if I lived close enough. I’d like to see more of this home- I hope she will share more.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of Mary Carols, and didn’t know she had left her other home. This new location is just as charming as the other. No surprise at all! Thanks for the update!

  5. Julie, thanks so much for sharing these pictures. I had read in Mary Carol’s most recent newsletter/post that she had downsized and moved to a bungalow. I wonder if this is the home where she has moved or if she has purchased another home, in addition to the lake house. I love her decorating style so it’s wonderful getting a peek into her lake home.

  6. Julie,
    Thanks for sharing Mary’s new Lake Home!!!
    “Mr. Ed” and I spent a recent week day Get Away
    in Atchison and shopped her store there!!!
    I love seeing the previous home. .. if only from the outside!!!

  7. I’m hoping for a new book about this house. I see so many pictures on blogs and Pinterest, but there’s something about flipping through a beautiful book. I wonder who the lucky owner of her old house is? I’m sure they are enjoying it!
    Thank you for posting:)

  8. Robin Frank says:

    Dear Friend …. Think of you often …. Hope you Dan are well and enjoying your “ Lake House “ …. Love to reconnect and catch up with you …. We also have moved from our Vintage home and downsized … but love it . Take care … Robin Frank … Vision Interiors

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