Can we talk bedding for a minute? I’ve always struggled with it. I think it’s because I tended toward bedding “sets” which ended up seeming too matchy – matchy for me. 

Recently, however, we found ourselves in need of a new bed and that purchase inspired me to revisit our bedding. 

I knew I wanted a layered look and feel, so rather than look for a new bedding set, I started with a few things I already had: toile pillows in an orangey-red, monogrammed linen pillows, and a plaid cotton blanket.

To those I added the softest flannel grey ticking sheets (these are the first flannel sheets we’ve ever had and I’m a total convert) and an extra fluffy cream and grey floral comforter.

Can I tell you how much I’m enjoying this layered, mix and match bedding? It has so many of the things I love, like toile, ticking, plaid, linen, and monograms. And when I combine the things I love, I end up happy.