More Soulful Spaces

A while back I asked what gives a house soul? and there were five things that answered that question for me: interesting artwork, books, personal photos, plants and flowers, and the everyday on display.

(Sidenote: I would also add animals to that list. We’ve been missing our dog Cash since we had to say goodbye last fall. Pets add so much to a home and a life.)

In any event, I’m always on the lookout for homes and spaces that feel soulful to me. Spaces that feel less decorated than collected, but always in a way that’s very true to the people that live there. Homes that have life in thier rooms, like the owners have just stepped out of the picture for a minute.

Here are a few more soulful spaces that I found.

One Kings Lane

Would you believe that this grand space is actually part of a 650 square foot apartment in NYC? I’m taken with the way the artwork goes all the way to the ceiling, and that cabinet full books. The article says that the owner recovers those armchairs when they get worn in the same ticking fabric. As someone who doesn’t change things up too much, I felt validated by that. Ha!

One Kings Lane

Spaces don’t have to be big to have soul. In fact, sometimes the smaller the better. I love how the runner fits perfectly in this small galley kitchen. Also, the plants on the windowsill, the cookbooks lined up on the countertop, and the way the small pictures are only on one side of the window and are all slightly crooked.

Architectural Digest

A gallery wall of framed artwork in the bathroom. Enough said. Here’s another shot from the same space.

(Kansas City friends, the above two pics are of a condo in a building near the Nelson-Atkins. It was owned and designed by David Jimenez.)

For the Love of a House

Joan’s house in New Hampshire is a master class in soul. If you’ve never explored it, click on the link above. You won’t be sorry.

Cathy Kincaid

Love the umbrella and boots in the entry. And is that boxwood in the basket?

Cathy Kincaid

The perfect mudroom, right down to the dog and all of his/her leashes and treats. I can’t get enough of that door with its hardware.

Urban Grace

This room is family room goals for me. Here’s another angle of it below.

Garden and Gun

There are the books, of course, and the artwork above the doorway. I love the chaises in a room that is clearly meant for relaxing.

Southern Living

This will always be a favorite kitchen for me. By the way, I have a wicker demijohn bottle just like the one on the range hood in the Etsy shop (which I need to get re-stocked pronto!).

What makes a house soulful for you?

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  1. I love your blog Julie, and all these spaces, which obviously reflect your taste. Pillows, throws, books, collections (everything from vintage purses, religious items, miniature books, dishes, and even whisk brooms) – those all make my house soulful.

    1. I love your list, Rita! Thanks for weighing in!

  2. Beautiful homes. It is nice to see homes that are layered with books, art and mementos. I love the minimalist looks now popular but my heart will always be with a well-loved, fully lived in home.

  3. Fontaine Boutwell says:

    .my exact style of decorating, very personal, you can tell each home is well loved and lived in

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