Mother’s Day Photo Display

Mothers Day Photo Display at CreatingThisLife.com

Several years ago I did something for Mother’s Day that was so fun and so easy I’ve repeated it every year since.

I put some pictures of our mothers and grandmothers in frames and grouped them on an entryway table.

Told you it was simple.

Frame photos of your mothers and grandmothers for Mothers Day

Every member of our family walks by this table multiple times a day, and it’s the first thing visitors see when they come in too.

The pictures have gotten a lot of attention from all that foot traffic for one simple reason: we’re not used to seeing them. At least not in that spot and all together.

Framed Mothers Day photos at CreatingThisLife.com

Have you ever had something in the same place in your house for so long that you don’t even see it anymore? That’s how the pictures on this table tend to get, so this Mother’s Day displays freshens that spot up.

And the pictures don’t even have to be perfect.

Easy Mothers Day decor at CreatingThisLife.com

See that yellow mark on the picture in the front? Somebody drew on the picture when we were kids. I’m not naming any names but that’s totally something my sister would do.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great idea! My mom has a tea car full of pictures. No one spends any time looking at them anymore so I turned it a different direction and rearranged all the pictures which spruced it up. I like the idea if making kind of a tribute display like you did.

  2. What a simple and heart-warming idea. Time to pull out some boxes and find a few pictures. It will be a Mother’s Day gift to myself.

    1. Happy Mother’s Day, Linda!

  3. Julie. I love the way you display those pictures, what a great way to freshen up a corner table, mantel or any spot for that matter, I also love that black shade lamp, currently looking for one my self.

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