Happy Mother’s Day

Are you celebrating? My daughter and her fiancee are coming to our house to make brunch for my mom and me. All I had to do was set the table. Later in the day, we’ll head out to visit Tom’s mom with that side of the family.

I also did what I usually do to mark Mother’s Day and pulled a bunch of pictures of our moms and grandmas into a grouping on the chest in our entryway. It’s such an easy thing to do and I like seeing them all together like that.

I hope your day is a good one. And if Mother’s Day is difficult for you, for whatever reason, I hope the day lands gently.

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  1. What a perfect post! I also put out pictures seasonally. Sometimes old old holiday photos, or Halloween or the first day of school, etc. It’s fun to make them part of the celebration! And, what a sweet wish at the end. I have a few friends for whom Mother’s Day is always a challenge. I’ll remember those words.

    1. I love the Halloween and first day of school ideas, Janet. Hope your Mother’s Day was a good one.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day. I no longer have my Mother or Mother in law with us they are always in my heart. My granddaughter and her husband had a wonderful dinner and beautiful flowers for my daughter and me last night. Today my son in law is taking us out to dinner. I am blessed with a great family . They really watch after me since I lost my husband to cancer just before Christmas. Hope you and your family have a wonderful day together.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Yarlette. And I’m so glad your family is taking good care of you.

  3. How wonderful! I’m sure that you and your Mom enjoyed every minute of that brunch. Have a great week.

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