No Sew Cafe Curtains TitleWhen we did the kitchen remodel last fall, my plan was to hang café curtains on the window above the sink. That just never seemed to happen.

I have drapes made out of a grain sack fabric on the other windows in the kitchen and I knew I didn’t want the café curtains to be matchy-matchy (technical decorating term). But while I knew what I didn’t want, I never really settled on what I did want.

Until a few weeks ago when I was at an estate sale and saw the cutest café curtains on the window above the kitchen sink. I really liked them but there were two problems:

1. They weren’t the right size for my window.
2. They didn’t seem to be for sale.

I kept shopping and a few minutes later I was rewarded with a happy surprise.

In one of the house’s bedrooms, I found several yards of the exact same Better Homes & Gardens fabric that the café curtains were made out of, brand new, and with a $3 price tag.

No Sew Cafe Curtains Closeup

To say I snapped it up would be an understatement.

Since I don’t sew, my plan was to make a no-sew treatment, figuring it out as I went along, and documenting each step for this blog.

But something way better happened.

My mom was in town and offered to make the curtains for me.

Kitchen No Sew Cafe Curtains Left

She used the iron-on adhesive I had bought, because even though Mom was in KC, her sewing machine wasn’t.

She measured and cut and pinned and ironed. It turned out to be a way bigger job than I had imagined, so I’m glad it was her and not me doing it.

But I was a big help by doing the things I’m good at, like retrieving my daughter’s dorm room ironing board from the basement, running out for more adhesive, and making bacon and tomato sandwiches for lunch.

No Sew Cafe Curtains Kitchen Right

When the curtains were done, we hung them using a tension rod and matching rings with clips. We also “trained” the fabric to hang in folds using chip clips. As in the clips you use to close potato chip bags.

That was a good look.

But all that business is behind us and I love, love, love the result. They added some much needed softness and a little bit of color to the kitchen.

No Sew Cafe Curtains

Thanks, Mom. ☺

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