Patio Before and After

Recently we had our patio rebuilt.

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Here are a couple of before pictures of the old patio when it was all cleared and ready for demolition.

Paved patio before and after

Patio before

And here’s a lovely closeup where you can see part of the reason why a patio redo was necessary.

Paved patio before pic

And now the after pics, with not a bit of exposed rebar in site.

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Patio before and after pictures at

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After we had decided to go with a paving stone material again, I only agonized for a little while about what colors to choose.

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Eventually I decided on a combination of browns and grays.

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We really liked the original half circle steps on the old patio so we opted to do them again. These are a bit wider, as our old top step wasn’t even the full width of the door opening. Not a great design.

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We considered leaving the seating wall out of the design to lower the cost a bit, but are really glad we decided to include it.

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The color of the grey limestone slabs on top of the pillars is Flint Hills grey, very appropriate for our neck of the woods.

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And this is my favorite picture of the patio. It’s a grainy iPhone pic from last Saturday night.

Patio fire pit at

It’s not pretty or styled and you can only make out one of the friends that were around the fire, but it perfectly captures what we love best about our new space.


  1. Beautiful job- it looks fantastic! The new steps look a lot better- the new stone color you chose looks perfect! Great start for an enjoyable season ahead!

  2. It’s gorgeous! I always wanted a patio – we have a deck that is in desperate need of a makeover. I think the gray/brown color combo works great. You can change accessories whenever you want and everything goes with it!

    1. Thank you for your nice words, Shelley. I agree about the accessories. It would be an easy switch.

  3. Absolutely LOVE the new patio–it’s gorgeous! Excellent choice on the stone colors!

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