Pre-Pinterest Style

While cleaning out the cabinet in my office this weekend, I came across a file folder with magazine clippings that I had saved from pre-Pinterest days.

The dates on the pages ranged from 2007-2009 and I was surprised at how un-dated they felt, all things considering. I snapped pics of my favorites to share with you.

This photo and the one below came from a Better Homes and Gardens article about Holly Mathis‘ Texas cottage.

This is how I first learned about Holly and she’s a favorite to this day.

My tastes don’t run quite this French anymore, but I still love that pine table.

My favorite kind of bookcase – unstyled and filled to the brim. You can tell readers live in this house.

I still love a white kitchen. Apparently I liked this one well enough to print this photo out.

This is a room I would pin today. I love the blue and brown combo, the bell lantern, the gingham fabric, pine chest, and woven shade. Basically everything.

Maybe this is where I first saw that pots could be for bushes and not just flowers?

I love a framed map. What a great way to remember a favorite trip or special place.

This was actually the back of a page I tore out for a different reason. That bed…just love it. And of course that blue and white lamp.

Another favorite bookcase in the most charming reading nook.

And white dishes will always, always work.

Have your tastes changed in the last ten years or do you find yourself loving the same things?

P.S. Three ways to use Pinterest and more soulful spaces.


  1. Hi Julie, Boy! Talk about great minds! I’ve been going through some of the pages I have saved from favorite magazines, as well! Seems we’re birds of a feather. I have saved many of the same pages from past BH&G, and find myself still liking the same beautiful rooms, also. Classic, neutrals with a pop of whatever my current favorite color is, and a good ol’ messy bookcase! Stay safe & healthy during this most trying time.

    • “Classic, neutrals with a pop of whatever my current favorite color is, and a good ol’ messy bookcase!” That’s about the perfect design strategy right there, Karen! You stay safe as well.

    • Jillian says

      This was a great post , Julie. I don’t think my taste has changed that much in 10 years. I’m kind of a traditional girl when it comes to decor. I remember using all white dishware for a section of glass-front cabinets in our kitchen almost 7 years ago. I wondered if it would be boring. Not at all and I still love how “calm” it looks. ~Jillian

  2. Hi Julie,
    I know this is a long shot, but I am desperately trying to find a particular fabric that you posted about. I am in Love with the Better Homes and Gardens fabric you used for your cafe curtains I saw on Pinterest. Do you have any leads on where I can find it. I would be so grateful.

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