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Quotable Friday and Weekend Links: Editing Edition

I’ve been considering lately what it means to be a “house person” and also someone who wants to simplify, because those two things can be at odds with each other.

bathroom shelvesIt would be easier, I’ve decided, if I were a minimalist. If I didn’t like dishes and books and artwork and throw pillows. If I didn’t enjoy seeking out secondhand finds and putting everyday things on display.

Dining room hutch with white ironstone and silver

But I love all of those things, so keeping these two parts of my personality – the house part and the simplicity part – in balance requires constant editing.

Nate Berkus Quote

In fact, editing was the exact word I had landed on and then I saw this Nate Berkus quote. Exactly. Nate gets me. Or maybe I get Nate.

Luckily, I like the editing process. Editing helps me to figure out my style and decide what’s useful and beautiful. Editing helps me with my home, my schedule, my blogging, and my priorities. Editing is probably the very biggest part of creating this life.

Antique kitchen utensil holders

This post at No Sidebar explains it this way: You don’t need to minimize yourself right out of a life. Design the life you want to live, no more and no less.

I loved that.

Here are a couple of other links that I saw this week that I wanted to share with you:

  • This Father’s Day video of dads and their kids being interviewed is both funny and touching. (This was my favorite exchange: Dad: “I know you’re grateful. I know you love me.” Son: “So we’re square?” Dad: “No.”)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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