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Secondhand Finds: Florida Edition

I said I had learned my lesson about buying heavy things while traveling. But the week after Christmas we visited my parents in Florida and my mom took me to an antique mall near where they live.

When I spotted this lamp I knew I couldn’t leave it behind. I fell hard for the colors and the architectural look of it.

Carved Architectural Lamp

And when I picked it up and felt how heavy it was, I knew this wasn’t your average Target or Homegoods lamp. (Not that I don’t have quite a few of those too.)

The problem was of course going to be getting it home.

We talked about shipping it. But since I got a really good deal on it – and that good deal will forever be a part of the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I look at the lamp – I didn’t want to ruin all that by paying a lot to get it home.

We also talked about having my parents drive it back when they come to KC in April, but who wants to wait that long?

Antique Mall Lamp

So it was decided that we would carry it home on the plane. And when I say we, I mean my husband and my son.

My sister loaned us a carry-on and Tom and Grant took turns hauling the lamp through the Tampa airport, onto the plane, back off the plane, through the KC airport, out to the car and finally into the house.

I tried to pull the ‘I’m not sure if I like it’ bit on them once the lamp was home, but they didn’t bite. They knew that even if I thought it I wouldn’t be crazy enough to say it.

Besides, I did like it. I loved it.

Living room with secondhand finds

The shade that came with the lamp was nothing special, so I left that behind in Florida.

I’m not convinced that the shade I have on it now is the right size or color, but I picked it up for $5 at an estate sale this week so it’ll do until I find something I like better.

Carved Lamp

Luckily for Tom and Grant, I was able to carry my other antique mall finds home myself, starting with this silver candle snuffer.

Silver candle snuffer with bell jar candle

I loved its design.

Silver Candle Snuffer

And its l-o-n-g handle.

Candle snuffer will bell jar candle

I also found this vintage Christmas ornament for our piano room tree.

Vintage Christmas Ornament

At first I thought it was new, but the feel of those little silver pieces, the way it’s put together, and the fact that it doesn’t hang quite straight all scream old to me.

Kind of like the yoga class I took with my daughter this week screamed old to me. As in you are old! Yoga is no joke.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. What a nice find- I like it a lot and the shade you found for it. It’s not the traditional type you’d find on a lamp like that but it has a nice affect with it and works in your room nicely. That was a lot of work getting it home but I don’t blame you for not wanting to ship it. It’s become expensive anymore at what is costs to ship things.

    1. I agree, Liz. Too expensive!

    1. See? I had to bring it home. 😉

  2. Where is the antique mall/name? My mom lives near St. Pete and I’d love to find a new place to visit if we have a rainy day.

    1. Hi Lori. I think the name is Traditions and it’s in Wildwood, just outside The Villages. My sister is in St. Pete so if you know of anything good near there, let me know!

  3. Hi there ~ I’m visiting from your link on Brenda’s blog. Great finds, especially that beautiful lamp! I could tell you yoga is “no joke”…I’ve been taking a weekly class for about 2-1/2 years now and it is NOT easy. Sometimes the day after yoga, my body hurts so bad it feels like I’ve been beat up, lol! But it’s a “good sore” and I know it’s good for me in so many ways. One thing’s for sure – it has immensely helped with my lower back pain from herniated disks. I haven’t had to go to a chiropractor ever since practicing yoga!

    1. So glad the yoga has helped your back, Melanie. Good for you for sticking with it for 2+ years.

  4. I am a Kansan too, just north of Kansas City. Love the lamp, and trekking it from Florida will always be a part of the memory of it as well as the great deal you found.

    1. You’re right, Kelly. Nice to here from another Kansan!

  5. Hi Julia, I was just rereading this post and comments. Since you mentioned the antique stores you visited in Wildwood, I went to their website. Well, you need to take a look, because they have photos (upper right hand corner) you can view. Scroll down to the 9th or 10th photo, and I think that your lamp is in the picture!!! So funny. Just thought you would like to take a peek. Sherri

    1. Haha…you’re right, Sherri. That’s it. Although it was in a different spot when I bought it, which makes me wonder if there was another one…

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