Simple Coffee Station

We had an empty spot on the kitchen counter next to our coffee maker, so in an effort to make things more convenient for the coffee drinkers in the family (everyone but me) and free up some cabinet space at the same time, I put together a quick coffee station in this little alcove.

Kitchen coffee station at

I bought the small, white, ceramic tray new and everything else, including the clear canister and the county fair trophy cup, I had on hand.

Kitchen coffee station

Neutral kitchen at

Coffee station at

This is the kind of thing that I like the best: simple, functional, pretty.

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  1. Looks great Julie. We drink a lot of coffee so this would be very handy. Love the trophy cup with the spoons.

  2. I love your kitchen!

  3. Perfect coffee station!

  4. I just moved our coffee pot to a new location across the kitchen, and although it makes everything much easier, it’s hard to adapt to change so early every morning! I love the idea of a tray to gather everything together. It looks so pretty.
    Sure you wouldn’t like to sip just a little bit of coffee?

  5. I love the paint color in your living room. The color please?

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