Last week I spotted a chair in an estate sale ad and when I arrived she was still there in a storage room and just waiting for me to take her home for $14.

Antique chair before picture

She was fairly sturdy. Maybe not sit in every night at the kitchen table sturdy, but sturdy enough for what I wanted to use her for.

Antique chair makeover at

The thing I loved the most about the chair was the shape of the back, and the color of the wood there, which was worn a bit from use.

Antique chair back

Originally I thought I might have the leather seat recovered. Or maybe even attempt to do it myself (yikes!), and I may do that someday.

Antique wood and leather chair closeup

But for now I found a linen seat slipcover with a skirt on Etsy that I thought would be just perfect.

Quick antique chair makeover at

I put the chair in the skirt in my office, because my family always seems to find me there and if there are more than two of us in the room there is nowhere to sit.

Linen skirted slipcover for antique chair

I’ve also been feeling that the office – which is really light – could use a little more heft. Is heft the right word? No? How about substantial?

Antique skirted chair at

Hopefully you know what I mean.