Summer Favorites

Is it feeling like summer where you are? The schools around here are wrapping up and yesterday as I was leaving the neighborhood, I noticed kids on their bikes in the middle of the day, which is such a happy sight and makes it feel like summer to me.

To celebrate I’m sharing some of my long-standing summer favorites, along with some new things I’m trying for summer this year.

House and Home

I love how inexpensive hardware store flags can make anything summer ready. I put them out on Memorial Day and leave them up through Labor Day.

I use these blue willow salad plates, red gingham napkins, and woven placemats for special summer dinners. The plates can be found here and similar napkins and placemats here and here.

I have two ferns on my front porch right now, but I may pull them inside because I love the look of a fern in front of a fireplace for summer. (Photo from Lynn Morgan Design.)

I also love this example of ferns in a basket from The Pink Pagoda.


We will definitely be grilling up these shrimp and sausage packets again this summer.

Ditto these potato stuffed bell peppers.

I’ve printed off this roasted potato salad to try this summer. Doesn’t it look fresh and delicious?

I’m thinking of trying this summer sangria too (but skipping the part about cutting pineapple into star shapes because even though I technically have time for that, I don’t have time for that, kwim?).

Sun Protection

As I get older, I’m paying a lot more attention to skin protection. (I grew up as a sun worshiper before sunscreen was even a thing, and I’m paying the price now.)

A number of years ago (ten or more) I bought a visor very similar to this one from San Diego Hat Company. This visor still goes on every lake trip and beach trip with me because it’s large, has sun protection built in, and rolls up for easy packing.

I just reordered this mineral sunscreen. I love it because it’s dry and can go over makeup. I like the all-in-one applicator too.

I’ve ordered and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this CC Cream that I’ve seen recommended by others. It’s a high SPF foundation that also acts as a dark spot concealer and a moisturizer, among other things.

What are your summer favorites? I’d love to hear!

P.S. Memorial Day and Simple Summer Pleasures and my Summer Pinterest board.

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