Survey Results and Plans for the Blog

You guys! I am overwhelmed by the number of you who took the survey posted last week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because you were so generous with your time and thoughts, I thought you might want to see the survey results. I’ve also included my thought along the way.

How often would you like to see new posts on CTL?

The number one answer to this question was once a week (38%) followed closely by no preference (35%). Twice and three times a week made up the rest of the responses.

My goal for the blog in 2022 is simple: to post more consistently. While I hesitate to put a number out there (unmet expectations and all that) my thoughts are at least one post a week and ideally two or three.

Were you aware that you can subscribe to the blog (have each new post delivered to your email inbox)?

Almost a fourth of you didn’t know that this was an option and this is an easy fix. If you’d like to have new posts emailed to you, you can subscribe here. It is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Which types of posts do you enjoy reading on CTL? (check all that apply)

You guys like variety and I love that because I want to keep Creating This Life a true lifestyle blog that touches on a number of different subjects. My thoughts on a few of these:

Posts about my home. It makes me happy that you enjoy these. I will say that these posts are the hardest to do because I am neither a designer nor a photographer, but I will work on ways to continue sharing my home.

Posts about other homes. Yes! In fact, I have an idea for a series of house posts and I’m working on the first one right now. (Here’s a hint.)

Life updates. Again, I’m touched that you’re interested in what’s going on in my world and with my people. I’ll keep you posted on what we’re up to.

Book lists and reviews. If I ever get out of my reading slump these will definitely come back. In the meantime, I’ll sprinkle the occasional book I’m reading into other posts.

I loved (really loved) all of your suggestions here. Here are some of the themes that came up in multiple responses.

Travel. I am with you on this! We haven’t traveled since 2019 but we have a couple of trips planned this year so hopefully, I’ll have some new travel posts for you soon.

Estate sale and thrifting finds. Noted!

Recipes. Also noted!

Finance and investing. These responses were from readers who followed me here from my original (no longer online) Family CEO blog. I don’t anticipate including financial topics on Creating This Life but I wanted you to know that I SO appreciate you following all these years. Seriously, thank you.

Kansas City. I was surprised but happy to see posts about KC mentioned a number of times. Suggestions for places to shop and things to do were especially requested. I have considered writing a KC Guide for the blog so I will move that to the top of my blogging to-do list.

Here were a few other comments I took note of…

“Love to hear more about the lake (we have a lake getaway too!)

Let me know if there’s anything special about the lake you’d like to hear about.

“I love your Friday lists.”

These are my favorite posts to put together.

“I discovered antique district of the West bottoms after your post.”


“Always about houses.”


Again, thank you for your feedback and your kind messages of support and encouragement (so nice!). I’m excited to get to work on new and interesting ways for us to talk about houses, books, travel, and more.

The blog will be quiet for the next week or two but I’ll be back soon and we’ll get started.

xoxo Julie

P.S. Pre-Pinterest style and a Nashville trip report.

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  1. Loved reading these response! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more great posts!

  2. I love, love, love reading your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to share information with all of us. It’s really done very well!

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