Home Office Details

I love all the big changes made to my office during it’s makeover. I especially love how clean and fresh it feels. But, for me, this room is all about the details. There was a time when this room was more of a second family room. In addition to my desk and computer, the kids […]

Secondhand Prints for the Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms get ignored. That’s been my experience anyway. I tend to focus on the more public parts of the house. And then the kids’ bedrooms come next. But I’m trying to give our bedroom a little more attention. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when these four framed prints that I found at an […]

Cavallini & Co. Maps

I have a memory from years ago of my mother taking a career aptitude test at a local college. One of her top results was cartographer, or mapmaker to you and me. I remember us all joking about the randomness of that career suggestion. I’m certain there are cartographers gainfully employed today in all kinds […]

Family Room Mini-Makeover

When I woke up yesterday morning, the plan was to frame these estate sale prints of Kansas City fountain sketches and hang them in the entryway. By the end of the day, the family room had gotten a mini-makeover instead. I really, really wanted to have the prints custom framed. But because there were four […]

Estate Sale Finds: Procrastination Edition

It’s already a month into the new year and my to-do list is as long as my arm: do our taxes, shampoo the carpets, clean out my office, and on it goes… So of course I’ve been estate sale shopping instead. And rather than just bring my little finds home and get down to work, I’ve […]

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Little Thrifted Picture Frames

There’s something special about little picture frames. I used to have wallet-sized hospital pictures of my babies in tiny silver frames in my bedroom. They weren’t real silver, they were Kmart’s version of silver, but they made me really happy when I caught sight of them. The frames aren’t there anymore because my then 4th […]

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Creating a Family Photo Wall

Sometime during the 1930’s, my grandfather, his ten siblings, and his father sat for a portrait at a Kansas City studio. They weren’t a wealthy family – they were just a few years off of their western Kansas farm and several of them were working in the Kansas City packing houses – so I’m not […]

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Estate Sale Artwork

I am an addicted thrifter and estate sales are my drug of choice. It’s my mother’s fault. She taught me everything I know. Including the fact that – while there is never a bad time to shop an estate sale – some times are better than others. If you’re there when they open, you have […]

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