Fall Favorites

Last Thursday was the first day of fall, so all of us who call that our favorite season can stop sneaking mums and pumpkins into the house and enjoy the fact that fall is officially here. To celebrate, I’m indulging in pictures of some of my favorite things about the season. I love blue and white almost as much as […]

Fall Estate Sale Finds

I love estate sale-ing in the fall. The weather is gorgeous, so it’s a great time to be out and about around town. I’m rarely happier than when I’m driving between estate sales on a cool morning, with a Diet Dr. Pepper from McDonalds in the cup holder and the XM Politics channel on the […]

Fall Blog Rewind

Warning: If you’re still hanging onto the last bit of summer by your fingernails, you’re going to want to skip this post. Fall lovers, however, proceed with absolutely no caution. We have the most gorgeous, fall-like temps in KC today. I have all the windows open, I’m wearing a sweatshirt (!) and I’m pretending that […]

Fall Touches

Kansas City got an IKEA last month and people lost their minds: camping out for days before the doors opened, parking so far away they had to take a shuttle to the store, and creating a lot of stories for local news to cover. I wasn’t brave enough to show up in those early days, […]

Apple Cider Sangria

Last Thanksgiving I tried a sparkling apple cider sangria recipe that I had pinned to my cocktails board on Pinterest. It was a keeper! I made it again last weekend when my parents were in town. Here’s the recipe: 1 750 ml bottle sparkling wine (I used an inexpensive spumante. Any sparkling wine will do.) […]

Fall Wreath Reworked

My wreath from last year wasn’t working. The picture below is how it looked on the front door last fall. Truth be told, it wasn’t working for me last year either. I really didn’t care for the sunflowers, even though I was born in and grew up in and currently live in The Sunflower State, for […]

Transferware Love

I’m starting to become preoccupied with transferware. I’m not even 100% sure what the technical definition of transferware is (although I’m learning). What I do know is that I’m drawn to this style of dishes, especially in browns. They’re so fall-like. Perfect for Thanksgiving. And I find the ones with little scenes on them to […]

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Photo Friday

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus Pin It

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Fall Floral Arrangement from Yard Clippings

A year or so ago I made a resolution of sorts: I wanted to have more living plants and flowers in our home, instead of artificial. It’s been a process. Real plants are definitely more work than fake ones, and I don’t always keep them alive. But I do love having the real deal around. […]

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Fall Front Porch

Fall is my favorite season. I know that puts me in a lot of good company. Although recently I found out my dad doesn’t like fall. He finds it kind of melancholy. What? I feel like I don’t even know him anymore. One of the best parts of fall is that you can buy a […]

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