Spring Colors and Weekend Links

I’ve been craving color lately, so I added a little to the family room to welcome spring. Blue and white always works, so I added this Delft lidded jar, which was an estate sale find, to the mantel in the family room. And when the forsythia started blooming, I clipped some branches to add next […]

Family Room Art

A year and a half ago I started an unintentional gallery wall around our family room TV. It began with these prints of Kansas City fountains that I found at an estate sale. And then I added a drawing of the house where Tom grew up. For a very long time, the wall stayed just like […]

Painted Pine Hutch

Years ago I had a friend named Kathy whose sons were in the same classes as my kids in elementary school. Kathy and I were in a bunco group together, and she was also in our book club before she moved out of state. Kathy had a unique, effortless sense of style. She was a […]

Sunday Afternoon Art

This empty nest stuff isn’t all bad. With nobody else’s schedules to work around, Tom and I find ourselves doing pretty much whatever we want in the evenings and on the weekends. Last Saturday we left a birthday pool party for a friend and – on a whim – drove to Lawrence to surprise our tailgating friends at […]

Cavallini & Co. Maps

I have a memory from years ago of my mother taking a career aptitude test at a local college. One of her top results was cartographer, or mapmaker to you and me. I remember us all joking about the randomness of that career suggestion. I’m certain there are cartographers gainfully employed today in all kinds […]

Family Room Mini-Makeover

When I woke up yesterday morning, the plan was to frame these estate sale prints of Kansas City fountain sketches and hang them in the entryway. By the end of the day, the family room had gotten a mini-makeover instead. I really, really wanted to have the prints custom framed. But because there were four […]