Summer Reds

In this Memorial Day post I mentioned that I was going to try my basket of real flowers on the front door again this year. I know I’m tempting fate by saying this before August is even here, but they’re doing well. Better than last year. I think it’s because I used petunias (hardy!) and because we’ve had somewhat milder temps […]

Let’s Talk Boxwood

When we moved into our house 13 years ago next week, there were two long boxwood hedges lining the sidewalk to our front door. After a while we began to notice an odor that smelled like – there’s no delicate way to put this – cat urine. Turns out that’s a distinctive boxwood odor, although […]

Little Office Accessories

I’ve used this garage sale flowerpot as a pencil holder in the office for a while now. I like that its prettier than most things that were made to be pencil holders. So after the office remodel I wanted to add some other pretty touches to the office and I started with my paperclip holder, […]

Potted Herb Garden

We are smack dab in the middle of two graduations, my son from high school last night and my daughter from college on Saturday. But I recently planted a few herbs and snapped a few pics so I wanted to take a minute to share them here. I chose the two herbs that I buy the most […]

Wheat Grass for Spring

So I’ve been growing grass. Not that kind of grass, although Colorado is right next door. No, I’ve been growing wheat grass. I picked up the seeds at Dutch Flowers at Kansas City’s City Market. They had it growing there and it looked like something fun to do for Spring and Easter. I took a quick […]

Fresh Flowers

I mentioned last week that we were throwing a bridal shower for my niece. She wanted a shower with a vintage theme, which was a charming idea. We rounded up as many silver pitchers and clear vases as we could and filled them with Gerbera daisies, white mums, and freesia. We paired the flowers with […]

Fall Floral Arrangement from Yard Clippings

A year or so ago I made a resolution of sorts: I wanted to have more living plants and flowers in our home, instead of artificial. It’s been a process. Real plants are definitely more work than fake ones, and I don’t always keep them alive. But I do love having the real deal around. […]

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An Oregon Garden in Pictures

My Aunt Janice is an amazing woman. She’s a talented artist, inspired decorator, an incredible gardener as you’ll soon see. She’a graciously allowed me to share her pictures of her Oregon garden here. As the summer heat has turned everything here in the midwest brown, I am loving looking at these lush pictures.