Things I Love: Library Tables

I’ve been in love with the idea of a library table since I first knew what one was: a large writing table or desk, big enough for more than one person, like you would find in – well – a library. Antique library tables are made of wood and, while some (many?) were made for home libraries, […]

Little Office Accessories

I’ve used this garage sale flowerpot as a pencil holder in the office for a while now. I like that its prettier than most things that were made to be pencil holders. So after the office remodel I wanted to add some other pretty touches to the office and I started with my paperclip holder, […]

Skirting an Antique Chair

Last week I spotted a chair in an estate sale ad and when I arrived she was still there in a storage room and just waiting for me to take her home for $14. She was fairly sturdy. Maybe not sit in every night at the kitchen table sturdy, but sturdy enough for what I […]

Home Office Details

I love all the big changes made to my office during it’s makeover. I especially love how clean and fresh it feels. But, for me, this room is all about the details. There was a time when this room was more of a second family room. In addition to my desk and computer, the kids […]

Home Office Makeover

Our house is 22 years old and we will have lived here 13 years this July. So, for the last couple of years we’ve been going through the house a little at a time and doing what we’ve come to think of as a room refresh. Actually, our handyman, Dave, has been doing the refreshes, […]