Around the House

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I love a good secondhand find. I’ve done my fair share of shopping at estate sales and on Craigslist, but recently I tried shopping an online auction and came away with this little chest for my living room. It was a local […]

Around the House and Some Links I’m Loving

In September my dad was in KC for some business and a golf tournament and my mom sent with him some fabric she had that she knew I liked. I was ready to change out my kitchen cafe curtains, so I took the fabric back to Florida with me when we visited earlier this month and […]

English Marmalade Jar

Most of my antique/vintage/secondhand shopping has been done at estate sales and antique shops. I like the houses I see, the people I meet, and the thrill of the hunt. But recently I began going online to pick up some things that I’m not likely to run across by going to an estate sale or two […]

Simple Coffee Station

We had an empty spot on the kitchen counter next to our coffee maker, so in an effort to make things more convenient for the coffee drinkers in the family (everyone but me) and free up some cabinet space at the same time, I put together a quick coffee station in this little alcove. I bought […]

Warming Up a Kitchen Corner

When I was searching for artwork ideas for Lindsey’s French bistro kitchen, I ran across a vintage advertising poster print at that I just loved. I was so taken with it, in fact, that I not only recommended it to Lindsey, but ordered a framed version for my kitchen too. I chose’s Sedona Walnut frame, […]

Reader Question: Paris Kitchen Decor

A while back I received an email from a reader named Lindsey, a nurse who happens to live in Kansas City, as I do. She asked: Any chance you will help a non-creative mom out with decorating ideas for my kitchen? I emailed her back to gab about the fact that my daughter’s name is also […]

Hot Chocolate Bar

Last fall I bought this tiered, wooden tray and filled it with mugs and plates and apples and little pumpkins. I told my family that the apples were fair game for eating, but the tray ended up being more for show than anything else. Generally speaking, things that are just for show make me cranky; […]

Kitchen Remodel Q & A

I’ve gotten several questions in the comments section of the kitchen before and after post. I totally get that. While making decisions about the kitchen I pored over pictures that I found in magazines and on blogs and Pinterest (my Pinterest kitchen board is here). If I found something I liked and the product information was […]

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That Space Above the Cabinets

When we built our first house back in 1988, I remember specifically requesting no soffits! in the kitchen. I wanted to have a space above the cabinets to decorate. Ah, yes, decorating above the cabinets. I went a little nuts with that for a while. A long while. Here’s a before picture of my current […]

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Easy Silver Polishing

I love silver, but I hate polishing it. Can I get an amen? So in the spirit of silver sisterhood (no offense to any silver-loving brothers who might be reading; the alliteration just isn’t as good ;)), I want to share with you the silver polishing shortcut that I use. It’s a set and forget […]

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