Around the House and Some Links I’m Loving

In September my dad was in KC for some business and a golf tournament and my mom sent with him some fabric she had that she knew I liked. I was ready to change out my kitchen cafe curtains, so I took the fabric back to Florida with me when we visited earlier this month and […]

Butler’s Tray as Bar Cart

You’ve probably noticed that bar carts are all the rage. They’re everywhere. If you’ve missed the memo, head over to Pinterest and do a search to see what I mean. I’ve taken note of the trend and, while I didn’t want to go all in with a new bar cart, I do have this butler’s tray […]

Let’s Talk Boxwood

When we moved into our house 13 years ago next week, there were two long boxwood hedges lining the sidewalk to our front door. After a while we began to notice an odor that smelled like – there’s no delicate way to put this – cat urine. Turns out that’s a distinctive boxwood odor, although […]

Estate Sale Silverplate

Last Saturday I had plans to get up early and hit a couple of estate sales. But as so often happens with me, I chose to sleep in instead. (If only they held estate sales at night…I could make a midnight start time much easier than an 8am one.) Still, once I was up I […]

Estate Sale Finds: Procrastination Edition

It’s already a month into the new year and my to-do list is as long as my arm: do our taxes, shampoo the carpets, clean out my office, and on it goes… So of course I’ve been estate sale shopping instead. And rather than just bring my little finds home and get down to work, I’ve […]

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Secondhand Finds: Florida Edition

I said I had learned my lesson about buying heavy things while traveling. But the week after Christmas we visited my parents in Florida and my mom took me to an antique mall near where they live. When I spotted this lamp I knew I couldn’t leave it behind. I fell hard for the colors and the […]

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Hot Chocolate Bar

Last fall I bought this tiered, wooden tray and filled it with mugs and plates and apples and little pumpkins. I told my family that the apples were fair game for eating, but the tray ended up being more for show than anything else. Generally speaking, things that are just for show make me cranky; […]

Easy Silver Polishing

I love silver, but I hate polishing it. Can I get an amen? So in the spirit of silver sisterhood (no offense to any silver-loving brothers who might be reading; the alliteration just isn’t as good ;)), I want to share with you the silver polishing shortcut that I use. It’s a set and forget […]

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