The Color That’s Making Me Happy Right Now

There’s a color I’m loving right now. It’s not quite red, not quite orange, and not quite pink. I call it coral, but as we all see colors a bit differently, you may see it as something else.

Whatever the name, I’m drawn to it for my house, my closet, even my books.

My love of coral may have started with these toile pillows I found at an estate sale for our bedroom. They add the perfect pop of color to this room of otherwise neutral and moody colors.

Not long ago I happened upon another lucky estate sale find, this oil painting that I hung in the hallway just outside our bedroom. The painting is beautiful, but the roof on that house is what really caught my eye.

James Farmer fills his garden with coral geraniums. He spells ‘coral’ as ‘carl’ because of the way he pronounces the word with his deep, southern accent, which you can sometimes catch in his Instagram stories. When I was buying flowers for my yard this spring, I was on the lookout for ‘carl’ geraniums.

I included Juliet’s School of Possibilities in my last book report. I enjoyed this very quick read, and I especially enjoyed the pop of color it added to my nightstand while I had it on loan from the library.

Fabric samples like these are finding their way into my stash.

And my closet suddenly is full of gauzy tunics in these colors.

Finally, OPI’s Cajun Shrimp has to be the best nail color ever created. It’s super popular for summer, but I wear it year around on my toes.

Is there a color you’re loving these days?

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  1. I love that color too. I wore Cajun Shrimp for years. One time I was getting a pedicure and the lady next to me was going to use it too but they were not ready to paint her toes so she said I could go ahead and use it ahead of her. I told her I loved Cajun Shrimp nail color and she said “no, it’s called “peel here”. I said I’ve always known it as Cajun Shrimp so the technician turned the bottle over to show her the name was Cajun Shrimp. The lady seemed a little embarrassed so she said that her mother told her it was “peel here”….of course when you turn over the bottle the label says “peel here” to peel off the label to reveal the color name! We all had a good laugh over that and I always think of it whenever I go to use Cajun Shrimp!

    1. Judy, that is such a funny story. No wonder it makes you laugh every time you think of it. I guess we do peel shrimp after all. 😉

  2. You’re talking my color! I redecorated my guest room in shades of navy and beige with pops of coral to liven it up. Coral and navy are a great pair!

    1. That sounds lovely, Nanci!

  3. Coral is one of my favs too! I’ve seen you wear coral. It is definitely YOUR color!

    1. Aw, thank you, Bobbie. Love that we share that favorite color.

  4. I LOVE coral too, Julie. I just got the cutest coral dress for my daughter’s shower. I’ve been wearing cajun shrimp for as long as I can remember. Great minds think alike. Love those geraniums. Have a great week!

  5. Karen Graham says:

    Hi Julie, I would like to thank you for posting the paint colors in your home. I’m a big fan of all of them. You are such a beautiful decorator. I’m wondering if you have had any formal training. You are my new “Martha”! Love the coral, as well, but I’m currently in love with a deep teal, called Poseidon. Happy decorating!

    1. Karen, what a lovely comment! You made my day. No, no formal training. Just lots and lots of studying blogs and Pinterest. I love teal too. Poseidon…what a great name.

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