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Things I Love: Library Tables

Office Library Table

I’ve been in love with the idea of a library table since I first knew what one was: a large writing table or desk, big enough for more than one person, like you would find in – well – a library.

Antique library tables are made of wood and, while some (many?) were made for home libraries, when I see one I like to think of it having come out of a community library back in the day when libraries had solid wood furniture in them. It’s my own personal fantasy.


In any event, I’m all in when it comes to anything to do with libraries, home or otherwise, and so a number of years ago I started trolling Craigslist for a library table.

Pretty quickly I happened on a listing for a table that was the size (small) and shape (curvy) that I was looking for. It also had another attractive quality, affordability, so I made an appointment to go see it.

Library Table Detail

The house was near me, in the old section of one of those suburbs that used to be a standalone small town 100 years ago. When I got to the house, it had a plaque next to the front door saying that it was on the historic register.

The girl who answered the door told me that she was selling some of her parents’ things and that this table had been theirs. It had a little damage on the top, but it was nothing that couldn’t be covered with a straegically placed picture or stack of books. It was also missing a drawer pull, which I knew I could easily replace, but haven’t (predictable).

I fell in love with it on the spot.


For a long time the table was in our family room, but recently I moved it up to my office where it does two things: gives me a place to stack things (as you can  see) and keeps Tom, Grant, and anyone else over 5’8” from bumping their heads on the wooden chandelier.

Top of library tableI love having it in here.

Library Table

What are you loving these days?

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  1. Beautiful table…love those legs! 😉

  2. Chelsea Barnes says:

    I have this EXACT same table. Do you know who the manufacturer was or what era it was made? Mine has a hand written signature but not very ledigable.

    1. I do as well and I found this as I am trying to find out who made it.

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