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Three Cool Things

ONE | A Tiny Grocery Store

Nine months ago, cookbook author and podcaster Alison Roman opened a tiny grocery store in upstate New York called First Bloom. Alison describes the idea behind the store this way: “You need groceries to make dinner (or any meal, really) and so we supply them. That’s it. Classic grocery store stuff.” 

She started with only items that could be kept at room temperature. Later, she added a freezer for local meats and a refrigerator for dairy. Mostly, they carry what Alison likes and finds indispensable. As she says “Yes, this is my curated grocery store and I’m drunk with power.” Lol. You can read the whole (delightful) story here: I Opened a Grocery Store.

TWO | The Heirloomist

Shana Novak is a commercial still-life photographer who works with brands like Coca-Cola, Oprah Daily, Rolling Stone, and Bloomingdale’s. But it was a personal project she undertook with her grandmother (her grandmother told her stories about personal and family keepsakes and Shana photographed them) that led her to appreciate the value in preserving memories in this way.

Soon, Shana was doing the same for others, leading to a website and now a book that tells the stories of 100 of the photographs she has taken, including some for celebrities. You can also see Shana’s work on her Instagram; it’s a joy!

Three | The Evolution of A Beach Cottage

Fourteen years ago, designer Amelia Handegan and her husband bought a 950-square-foot cottage on Folly Island, SC, expanding it to accommodate their adult kids and their families but keeping it otherwise “plain-Jane basic” (Amelia’s words). By 2020, Amelia and her husband were living at the beach full-time, having downsized from their 1800s house in Charleston to a condo, which they put on the market when the pandemic hit. Soon after, Amelia was diagnosed with breast cancer.

With the cottage now their primary home, Amelia began filling it with antiques, artwork, and accessories she had collected over the years, transforming it from plain Jane to something warm and sophisticated. She also calls being at the beach “lifesaving” during her treatments. You can see more pictures of the cottage and read the Frederic magazine story here.

P.S. Four fabulous home tours and 10 beautiful city Instagram accounts.

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  1. Oh, how I love these! You are such a gem, always finding things I love. No matter how busy I am, I take time to read the posts, get lost in the links, and even buy a few of them. Thank you!

    1. Rita, YOU Are a gem! I appreciate you being a reader and for your thoughtful comments. I’m glad you find the blog worthwhile.

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