Warming Up a Kitchen Corner

Pottery Barn Roman Shade in Kitchen

When I was searching for artwork ideas for Lindsey’s French bistro kitchen, I ran across a vintage advertising poster print at Art.com that I just loved.

LuLu Vintage French Advertising Poster

I was so taken with it, in fact, that I not only recommended it to Lindsey, but ordered a framed version for my kitchen too.

Framed poster

I chose Art.com’s Sedona Walnut frame, which I really, really like. I would (and probably will) order this frame again. It’s 1.625″ wide, but it also comes in a wide version, which is 2.652″, and I think would be stunning.

I loved the picture from the moment it arrived, but if I had had any doubts they would have disappeared when I saw this huge version of the print while shopping during our staycation.

Oversized vintage French advertising poster

It was hanging in the cafe area of Bottoms Up Antique Market and I couldn’t believe it when I turned a corner and saw it looking back at me. (I love the statement that oversized artwork makes, don’t you?)

I hung my own, smaller version in a corner of my kitchen that definitely needed some attention. I also added a cordless roman shade from Pottery Barn to the glass door. I’ve been shopping high and low for a shade for this door. I’ve bought and returned several, including a different version from PB.

Roman shade and framed poster as kitchen decor at CreatingThisLife.comFinally, I circled back around and ordered this banded shade, not knowing if the color of the ribbon would work. It did! We keep this shade up most of the time, but I like how it softens the door and it’s nice to be able to pull it down if we choose.

The third item I added to this little corner is the planter with mums right outside the door. The door is mostly used by our dog, Cash, as he goes in and out (and in and out) every day.

Kitchen corner at CreatingThisLife.com

Actually, I guess it’s not only Cash that uses the door; he has a friend that stops by for a drink once in a while too.

squirrel drinking from bowl

Cash and squirrel

But I’ve always ignored that little area right outside the door until it dawned on me that we see it so much I should really dress it up a bit.

Roman shade vintage poster potted mums at CreatingThisLife.com

I’m already enjoying seeing the mums every day; it reminds me that Fall is on the way.

This post is part of Metamorphosis Monday.


  1. Julie,
    Love that corner of your kitchen! The poster and frame are gorgeous. Love your new shade too…crisp and relaxed at the same time if that makes any sense?!

    1. It makes sense to me, Michelle. Thank you. 🙂

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