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Happy Friday!

What are you up to this weekend? I have a shopping date with my daughter planned and I’m hoping to finish this book.

On Fridays, I often like to share links to things I found interesting or inspiring around the web. Here are a few things I saved to share with you.

Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy talks about what she learned by living with all white walls for a year. I’m always having this debate about white walls with myself.

I binge-watched this British TV series (6 episodes) last weekend and really enjoyed it. It’s a drama about the employees of two rival newspapers, one that is gossipy/sensational and one that is more traditional. I watched it by ordering a trial PBS Masterpiece subscription through Amazon.

Have you seen this adorable video about a groundhog that invades a man’s garden? The video is so funny and the story is pretty heartwarming too.

Finally, Design Mom asks do you prefer city or suburb living? The comments on this post (there are 111 of them) are so interesting. I think about this topic a lot; is anyone interested in discussing?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. FYI: You may not be aware of this but if you contribute as little as $5/mth to your local PBS affiliate, you then get access to what’s called PBS Passport. You can then watch any PBS show through the PBS app on your smart TV. All episodes of Masterpiece theatre will be released at once and you don’t have to wait for each Sunday to record or watch. I love it!
    Back to the all white walls…not for me. I like the warmth of color. But I also don’t follow the trends in color. I still have yellow gold walls and love them!! Maybe because they cheer me and in a north facing home, it warms it up.

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