Weekend Links

Happy weekend! We’ve made it through another week. How are you doing?

The weekend is the time I like to share interesting or inspiring links I’ve found around the web. Here are some things I saved to share with you.

Have you ever seen a picture taken in the Oval Office and noticed one of the little hallways that are just off the Oval and wondered where those hallways lead? No? Just me? Recently I decided to see what I could find out and I landed on this White House Museum site that has an overview of the whole White House by floor (including the residence) and you can click on the map to get more details about the individual rooms. I thought it was fascinating.

This Greenwich Village townhouse feels more English countryside than New York City. (Be sure to check out the walled garden.)

The owner of my local indie bookstore set up a temporary desk near the front windows of her shop so that people walking by could knock and they could wave each other while the shop is closed due to the virus. This shop is at least twenty minutes from my house but I kind of want to make a trip just to knock and wave.

Finally, I have surprisingly found my lifelong anxiety to be a bit better during this pandemic we’re all living through, so I was interested to run across this article that explains why this is true for some of us.

I hope you have a happy, safe, and healthy weekend. Take care of yourself!

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  1. I have wondered about the actual layout of the WH and that outdoor path that is so often seen in media and TV programs (a la West Wing). Interesting article on anxiety. I generally do not experience it, however, going to the grocery in late March really sent a wave of anxiety over me. I shopped via internet this past week, a much better experience. Lastly, our indie bookstore in town offers online shopping as part of a network (bookshop.org), a way of helping them sustain through this, I hope yours does too. These shops are gems. Happy Easter, Julie.

    1. Hi Rita! That White House link has info about the White House as portrayed in movies and on TV shows like the West Wing. And yes, my bookstore is also offering shipping during this time; I’ve ordered several from them. I agree they are gems…gotta keep them in business. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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