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Weekend Links: Sound of Music Edition

Do you love The Sound of Music? What am I talking about? Of course you do!

Recently, in that weird way the universe works, The Sound of Music has been popping up in multiple places for me.

First, there was a post on Twitter that asked “Which movie villains do you think were in the right?” and the Baroness from The Sound of Music came up more than once, like in this funny reply:

I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of the Baroness as a villain, but she did get kind of a raw deal, now that I think about it.

Someone else in that same Twitter thread shared I Regret to Inform You That My Wedding to Captain Von Trapp Has Been Cancelled, which I guarantee will make you laugh.

Also on Twitter (if you feel like I spend too much time there, you’re right) Julie Andrews was trending a couple of weeks ago and it gave everyone a scare, thinking she had died. The much better reason she was trending is that she has a second memoir coming out in October.

Over on Facebook, History Daily (a really interesting account to follow, by the way) posted this 1945 picture of Captain Georg and Maria Von Trapp. (I didn’t know his first name was Georg, did you?)

All this Sound of Music talk has me thinking of the Sound of Music tours in Austria that a couple of friends of mine have been on. They look so fun. Have you been to Austria? Taken a Sound of Music tour? It seems like the kind of thing someone could put on a places to go and things to do list.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Didn’t the Baroness call him Georg (gay-org) in the movie?

    I was in Sounds of Music as Brigitta in our HS musical production in 9th grade. 🙂

    1. Eileen! I played Gretl (the youngest Von Trapp) in a high school production when I was in Kindergarten. And I didn’t remember that she called him Georg. I haven’t seen the movie in such a long time. I’ll have to look for that next time.

  2. I love The Sound of Music. I think that I know every word to the entire musical score. I never thought of the Baroness as a villain either. Didn’t she bow out gracefully? Have a great week, Julie.

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