What Are Your Thoughts on White Walls?

Every wall in our house is painted a color. Most rooms, like the entryway above, and the master bath and living room below, are painted Benjamin Moore’s Stone Hearth. The kitchen and dining room are…

Every wall in our house is painted a color.

Most rooms, like the entryway above, and the master bath and living room below, are painted Benjamin Moore’s Stone Hearth.

The kitchen and dining room are painted Benjamin Moore’s Beigewood.

And our master bedroom is painted Sherwin William’s Urbane Bronze.

I like these colors. We’ve lived with them all several years and they’re earthy and warm and make great neutral backdrops for whatever I else I want to do in the rooms.

And yet, so many of the rooms I pin on Pinterest look like this.

Architectural Digest
Source unknown
Source Unknown

The rap on white walls is that they’re sterile and lacking in warmth, but these rooms are anything but.

Which has me thinking…since I like them so much in photos, would I like having white walls in my house?

What do you think? Do you have white walls in your home? Are you a fan or do you prefer color?

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  1. We do have warm white walls…similar to the last photo from River Road Farm. We love them. All but two bedrooms are painted in this color. Our woodwork, artwork, metal work, all look great. They allow me the flexibility to change colors should I desire. But…I seem to have settled on a pretty constant color scheme…mostly blues and greens.

    If you like your home with its current colors…why change? I think it looks great as is…very warm. I look at my home with its warm white…almost creamy white walls, and think it looks warm, too. Perhaps it’s not so much the wall color, as it is the decorating?

    Food for thought. Good luck! 😉

    1. Great feedback, Donnamae. Thank you!

  2. I have been having the same thoughts about my own home. My entire house, aside from the kids rooms and a movie room, are painted Sherwin Williams softer tan. I have been afraid that going white would make my home appear sterile and unfinished. Yet, my Pinterest boards are full of rooms just like the ones you pinned. I think the trick is choosing the right white which can be very difficult.

    1. I completely agree with you about the right white, Jeannie. I may have to try it in a single room.

  3. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    The creamy whites need different sheens – semi gloss, etc for cabinets, woodwork, etc.
    Also, white walls need texture. Look at these photos again. See the texture?
    Mute rugs, woven blinds, etc.
    I am a creamy white gal, give me Cloud Nine every time!

    1. I’m making a note of Cloud Nine, Nan. Great point about the texture! And now that you mention it, I notice a natural fiber rug in almost every room I pinned!

      1. Julie, regarding the natural fiber rugs in your photos, I’m thinking about getting one for our family room. I’m curious about their care and durability. The one I’m looking at is seagrass with a cotton twill border. Do you happen to have any experience with natural fiber rugs?

        1. I do have some experience, Jillian. I have only used seagrass in my house because I’m told that sisal stains horribly, even just water. Seagrass holds up very well. It’s not the most comfortable of rugs though. It doesn’t bother me, but my son complains. 🙂

  4. Julie, the pix of your home look great! I think white walls can be beautiful. Our home is surrounding by oak trees, so I’m thinking of using mostly white to make things a bit brighter. I agree it can be challenging to find the right white since lighting varies so much in each home. What looks good in one home might not work in another. Those little sample cans of paint can help with choosing.

    1. White sounds like it would be lovely in your house, Jillian. A home surrounded by oak trees…love that. And you’re right about the lighting. I find it varies from room to room and even wall to wall in my house!

  5. I love the colors you have in your home now. To me everything looks so warm and cozy. I had white walls for years . Now I want colors like you have. To me your home is beautiful just the way you have it. The pictures you showed with white walls are nice but I still prefer your colors. Everyone has to do what will make them happy.

    1. Maybe we all want what we don’t have, Yarlette? Or we tire of what we have. Thanks for your comment!

  6. I too love the color choices in your home, Julie. I have had creamy white walls in the past, but changed to a grey pallet varying from room to room, all off one card of color samples. SW Modern Grey, is the living room hub, with various tones down the hallway and in other areas. I love the coziness and change in color at different times of day. I’m inclined to agree with Donnamae. The warm style of decor and texture in your Pinterest posts may be what catches your eye. No doubt, with your sense of style, whatever you choose will be beautiful!

  7. I’m a huge fan of white walls in the types of spaces you have mixed with warm French work tables, antiques, layers of throws and pillows. And most importantly, in my view, touches of black, brown, gold, different finishes, textures. You’ll notice that all the Pinterest photos you show have these elements. Love it. My whole house is mostly like this, but i recently painted a bedroom a sort of olivey green/gray, and while it is a beautiful color, i miss the white backdrop and may paint it again!

  8. Color beats white any time! White to me is not inviting and the kitchens in white look like an operating room! Keep up with those colors that envelope you and create a warm and cozy atmosphere wrapping their arms around you and welcoming visitors in.

  9. I love both.
    I love the brown hues you chose.
    Why.does it seem like color went out of style?
    When doing my home I did both. I put white in the rooms that i wanted the most natural light. Color in the rooms i wanted to relax in. My entrance/mudroom,bathroom,master closet/hallway and daylight basement art studio are creamy white. My kitchen is sea salt (Sherwin williams) living room is revere pewter(both colors felt creamy and calming to me). My 2 bedrooms are darker(because moonlight on snow can feel like mid afternoon on a rainy day). All the paint colors, although different share simular colors when mixing. A hint of brown and grey.

    1. Love the descriptions, Noelle. The colors sound wonderful.

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