What I’m Loving Right Now

Happy Wednesday. How is your week going? It’s amazing to me that we’re almost through January. How did that happen?

About once a month I like to share with you some things that I’m loving. Here’s what’s on my list right now.

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Candice Bergen has put her home in the Hamptons on the market, just in case you’ve got an extra $18 million laying around. It looks like it has one of those amazing dining rooms that doubles as a library.


I’ve had a lot of fun lately playing around with Canva, the online graphic design program. I used it to make this collage for the post about what one of my book clubs is reading this year.

I’m also using it to make inspiration boards for decorating. These are two I’ve done for bedrooms at the lake.

Canva is very user-friendly, even for amateurs, and the basic version is free. They also offer some courses and tutorials I’d love to take.



I don’t use non-stick pans much, but Tom, who is the weekend breakfast maker in the family, does. The safety of non-stick always worries me though, especially when it gets scratched or starts to show wear. I saw these GreenPan skillets recommended and took a chance on them. I love that they’re healthy (free of all the harmful stuff), can be used with metal utensils, and can go into the dishwasher. They’re also much more heavy-duty than the cheaper ones we had.


Have you watched Pretend It’s a City on Netflix? It’s a documentary series about author, actor, and famed New Yorker Fran Lebowitz, made by her long-time friend Martin Scorsese. I knew who Fran was, but I didn’t really know why I knew who she was if that makes sense. I’m still not sure if I know…lol. But she’s smart and interesting and absolutely hilarious. Tom and I watched all seven episodes with Lindsey and Morgan and we all enjoyed it a lot. Here’s the trailer if you’re curious.


This cartoon made me laugh.


Finally, the author of this article wrote a one line review of every book she read in 2020. That seems like such a fun and easy way to track your reading.


What are you loving lately? I’d love to hear about it.

P.S. A few favorite travel items and my favorite books of 2020.



  1. I binged watched PRETEND ITS A CITY- I also knew of Fran Lebowitz but wasn’t sure why. She’s the quintessential New Yorker- kind of like a more intellectual Seinfeld or Larry David. Loved the series. Your decor is spot on for a lake house- enjoy- Sherri

  2. Sherri…you’re spot on in comparing her to Seinfeld and Larry David. I said she is like a female Woody Allen, but I like your comparisons better.

  3. Mary Jeffers says:

    Happy you enjoyed Pretend It’s A City.

    1. We did! Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Julie-
    Where are the twin bedframes from in your inspiration board?

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