Happy Thanksgiving week! If you’re like us, our Thanksgiving is going to look different this year, but I hope you have a good one nonetheless.

Now that the holiday season is underway, I’m popping in today to share with you some things I’m loving right now.

Before I do, a quick note that this post contains some Amazon affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. More details are here if you’re interested.

Onto the faves…

Now that it’s time to get the Thanksgiving table set, I’ve remembered that I intended to invest in some vintage turkey plates to use on Thanksgiving since I host every year.

I really love this Woodland Wild Turkey pattern by Johnson Brothers.

Or this Spode Woodland Turkey pattern.

Since it’s obviously too late to get anything now, I’ll be using my Friendly Village (also by Johnson Brothers) dishes as usual. These are vintage, but the pattern has been so popular that they still make it. That Spode Woodland Turkey pattern is still made new too. Honestly, I love almost any brown transferware and it’s always a win for Thanksgiving in my book.

Layla at Lettered Cottage created this Pottery Barn Christmas bedding look for less and I like it better than the original!

Especially these flannel sheets. Aren’t they charming?

Ina gave this interview about her new cookbook Modern Comfort Food (which is definitely on my Christmas list) and my favorite part is where she talks about continuing to get together outside, even when it’s cold:

“If you can get little heaters — I actually heard a wonderful story, very well-known interior designer put an electric strip underneath his table outside and gave everybody small electric blankets so that they could just plug into the strip. And I thought, that is so creative. I mean, just find some ways to keep yourself warm, because I’m not going to go through the winter and not see my friends.” – Ina Garten

Speaking of Ina, we’re going to try her turkey brine this year.

These lighted twigs have been a complete game changer in decorating my porch for Christmas this year.

Last year I used string lights and, despite my best effort to hide the cords that the lights were strung on, they still were visible and drove me crazy. I love that these twigs look like part of the arrangements, even during the day when they’re not lit.

The lights are battery-operated and on a timer so I don’t have to turn them on and off each night (I haven’t determined yet how long they stay on…6 or 8 hours is my guess). The color is definitely warm, even though they’re LED. I’m telling you, it’s the little things. Especially in 2020.

It’s time for me to get out my Christmas wrapping paper and see if I need to buy more for this year. Assuming I do I really like this bundle of plaid papers…

…and these adorable gift bags which come with tissue paper.

I’m on book 3 of Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Street series, which is set on Nantucket as usual, but at Christmastime instead of summer like most of Elin’s books are. The series follows the Quinn family and the action revolves around the inn they own on Nantucket. It’s the perfect escapist reading for the holidays.

What are you loving right now? I’d love to hear.

P.S. Apple Cider Sangria and links for your Thanksgiving planning.