What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Each year, around February 1, Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy asks her readers, “What’s saving your life right now?” The timing isn’t accidental; it comes at that point in the winter when we’re all just about over it.

This year I thought I would play along by sharing some of the things, both large and small, that are saving my life right now.

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Longer days. When the lack of daylight is really getting to me, I like to remind myself that the shortest day of the year was on December 21, and since then we’ve been gaining an extra minute or two of daylight each day. It doesn’t sound like a lot until I look up and realize it’s after 5:30 pm and still light outside and it feels like such a big deal.

The Lake. When we bought a lake place last fall we were picturing summer weekends with the family there, and that will surely be fun, but I couldn’t have anticipated how nice it would be to have a place to escape to in the winter months as well. Even though we do the same things down there that we would do at home (read, watch games, putter around) the change of scenery has been so welcome.

This plush throw. You may remember that I shared this throw in my holiday gift guide. I bought one and it was so popular with the humans (and the granddogs) in my family that I bought three more. I curl up with mine on the couch every night after dinner. I have this plaid one in cobblestone but it comes in charcoal gray, deep blue, and striped versions too.

Organizing and decluttering. I know it’s cliche for January, but I have been on a decluttering binge, which feels so good. As I told Lindsey this week, I actually get an endorphin high when getting rid of things. Decluttering also leads to organizing…the pantry, under my bathroom sink, etc. I’m hard-pressed to think of anything so simple that gives me such satisfaction.

The Chiefs. You guys, we’re so excited here in Kansas City because the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Chiefs games have given us something to look forward to every week and now we have the BIG game to plan for next weekend.

What’s saving your life right now?

P.S. Life lately and a places to go and things to do list.

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  1. I just read your post and MMD back to back. 🙂

    What’s saving my life right now is that January is over. My job is the absolute most intense from late Dec thru Jan. Long hours, intense days, hard deadlines. And then it’s over. I always think of February 1 as my “new year” so I allow myself a lot of grace in January and a fresh start in February.

    We did do something new yesterday. While sitting in front our umpteenth fire of the season (hmm, maybe that’s what’s saving my life during the covid winter!), we grabbed a stack of yellow post-it-notes. We wrote down 1 chore/project on each post-it. We also decided how much time that task would take and wrote that at the top. Some were 30 minutes (declutter coat closet), some all day (garage cleanout!), and most in between (paint pantry shelves). We stuck them on the inside of our broom closet door. Now when we’re facing another cold or wet winter weekend day with nowhere to go, we’ll decide how much time we want to devote to a “chore” and then pick from the list. When we’re done, the post-it will go in the trash.

    It’s like a to-do list that has a lot of flexibility. Feeling productive? Grab a 4 hour job. Feeling lazy, grab a 30 minute one.

    1. Eileen, the post it to-do list is brilliant! Thank you for sharing. And happy February 1 new year to you. I hope there’s some serious relaxation in your future.

  2. MY LIBBY APP- connects to our local library –

    THE EXTRA DAYLIGHT- couldn’t agree with you more about this

    OUR NEW PUPPY- we are first time dog owners in our early 60’s- there has been a learning curve but he has brightened our days-


    MY NEW IPAD- I’m watching a lot of Netflix ,including season 4 of OUTLANDER.

    1. I love this list, Sherri. And oh my gosh, congratulations on the new puppy. What a wonderful undertaking.

    1. Stacie, you know we never *need* another blanket. lol

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