Wheat Grass for Spring

So I’ve been growing grass.


Not that kind of grass, although Colorado is right next door.

No, I’ve been growing wheat grass.

I picked up the seeds at Dutch Flowers at Kansas City’s City Market.

They had it growing there and it looked like something fun to do for Spring and Easter.

I took a quick phone pic of the instructions to have for reference.


And then I asked the shop’s owner – a lovely girl who really is Dutch – a couple of questions:

How much dirt did I need? Hardly any. Just a thin layer.

How many seeds should I plant? Have them completely cover the dirt.

How long will the grass last (i.e. will it make it to Easter?) The wheat grass you see has been growing for six weeks.

Is there anything else I should know? No, this is super easy to do. You’re asking too many questions and making it too hard. (She didn’t really say that last part but I’m sure she was thinking it.)


I planted my wheat grass in little footed trifle bowls and a silverplate tray that I recently bought at an estate sale but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.

Turns out I was going to plant wheat grass in it!

Honestly, this is super easy to do. My little seeds were sprouting while they were still soaking in the water.

When I put them in the dirt, they really took off.

And this would be great to do with kids. I wish I would have done it with mine when they were little.

Once the grass was really good and going, I started putting the little containers in different places around the house.


Like under a cloche with a little ceramic Easter egg my daughter made when she was little.

Next I started plucking the little plants out of the trifle bowls and putting them in different containers altogether.


Like a clear, footed vase.


And a little concrete planter.


And in an ironstone cup.


I love the grass in the little silver tray.


I mean I really love it.


But I think my favorite container to put it in is something clear, so you can see all the layers and the roots.

I think I’m going to need some more wheat grass.

This post is part of Metamorphosis Monday and Fabulously Frugal Thursday.

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  1. Stumbled upon your site from a search for ideas for my kitchen and I’m so glad I did. Love the lively and versatile wheat grass. It seems to say “spring”. Also, Greige is my favorite color and I love to see how you use it. Back to the kitchen….. I just had Guidoni Ornamental granite countertops installed in my kitchen. I was searching for backsplash ideas with ornamental granite and I think that is how I happened upon your site. I love the white subway tile and the white dove cabinets. I thought changing the cabinet colors to white dove and adding a white subway backsplash would be a snap after seeing your gorgeous kitchen. Ha! When I propped a sample section of the bright white subway tile from Home Depot up against the wall, and stepped back to view, it looks like it is not as elegant as the countertops. However, in your pictures it looks perfect! Is your tile white or off white? Also, does white dove seem to have a bit of gray in it. Do you think that “white dove” ties the tile and countertops together I haven’t purchased the paint yet, but I think it might work and I will get a sample first. Any thoughts. By the way, I can’t believe how beautiful ornamental granite looks with silver, chrome, pewter and stainless. Got the idea from your silver “utensil” vessel.

    1. Hi Susan. I’m glad you happened on the blog.

      My subway tile is white and it is a bit whiter than the cabinets. Sometimes that’s more evident than other times. The tile I chose is beveled, which is a simple difference that I think adds a lot. I’m not sure if your Home Depot tile is beveled or not, but if not, you might visit a tile shop and check it out. Subway tile is very affordable, even the beveled kind. I’m not sure about the White Dove having gray in it. I’m horrible with paint colors and there are so many whites, as I imagine you’ve discovered.

      Good luck with your kitchen. I’m sure it will be beautiful. If you have any other questions I’d be happy to try and answer them.


      1. That was very helpful b/c I brought samples of the plain subway tiles from Home Depot but they did have the beveled. I think the beveled would give it a more sophisticated look. I will pick up some samples. Will try to attach a photo when I’m done. You will like it 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful ideas. Thank you so much

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