White Candle Love

This is a post in praise of the simple, white, unscented candle.

Easy Winter Centerpiece

But first a little fire safety tip. If you nestle candles down into coffee beans – which is a really neat look by the way – and those candles burn down into the coffee beans, they will start the coffee beans on fire.

I know this from experience, obviously. And despite my lack of a candle in coffee beans picture in this post, I still do this sometimes. I just put the candles in little votives first.

Ta da! No fire!

Which is great, because nothing warms a house like a lit candle. And it’s white, unscented candles that I’m most in love with.

Floating candle with twigs

Not only does white go with any decor, and work for any season or holiday, but to me it always feel classic. And fresh.

And why unscented? Well, I do love a good scented candle to make the house smell good and I have my favorites, like the one I shared in this post, and this one on Instagram, but certain scents can overpower. Especially a fireplace full of them. Unscented candles let you have the atmosphere without the scent.

Candle snuffer will bell jar candle

I also like unscented candles for when I’m cooking or baking, because they don’t compete with the food aromas. Which is why I always try to have a lot of them on hand for table settings.

white dishes

But while candles for entertaining are a given, I’m trying to light candles more just for everyday too.

The Christmas decorations are down now but we’ve been lighting this candle on the coffee table most nights, just for watching college basketball or Downton Abbey. Even with the fire going, it adds something a little extra to our nesting at this dark, cold time of year.

Family Room Christmas

And with Lindsey home from school, we’ve had more actual sit-down-at-the-table family dinners with all four of us lately, so I’ve been lighting this sweet, white candle that my friend Mary gave me as a Christmas gift.

kitchen candle

White, unscented candles are generally the most inexpensive of candles too. I keep an eye out for them when I’m out and about, and if Hobby Lobby or Michael’s has them on sale – or I’m there and I have a coupon – I stock up.

Decorating the space above the cabinets at CreatingThisLife.com

I’ve been told that candles from church supply companies will last longer – and that makes sense – although I haven’t tested that tip yet. (If you know of a good church supply website, let me know.)

So there you have it, 400+ words on white candles.  Who knew there was so much to say?


And while I’m very secure in my love for white candles, it never hurts to know that Mary Carol likes them too.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    I, too, love candles very much!
    They just complete the cozyness of our homes and give them the ultimate touch of romance we (women) need and love, right? 🙂
    And speaking of white candles, particularly… you know what? On Italian TV they once said that everyone should light a WHITE candle in the week, especially on Sundays, because it is supposed to keep away evil spirits from your home.
    (That’s why there are only white candles in churchs!)
    As you see, you do everything right by buying white candles, only, as I do! 🙂
    (OK, at this point you should know that we Italians are very superstitious… but, hey, we do love candles anyway, right, so why risk?) 😉
    ~Hugs to you~

    1. Well, I love that superstition, Cecilia. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Hi Julie,
    I too am a white candle fan(atic). Alas, my sweet daughter and grandaughters have asthma, so I have had to give up on my favorite “real” candles because of the smoke (yes, even on good soy candles). Not one to be discouraged, I have changed out my wax for LED and hardly notice the difference. The nicer ones have most of the charm and flicker of the real thing. Some even come with timers and remotes! They make great gifts for anyone with health issues, too.Now I can rest easy when my “babies” are here for the holidays. Thought I’d share in case anyone else has had to just sit by the light of the tree! Best wishes to you and yours for the holidays, Karen

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