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White Holiday Flowers

Confession: I haven’t done a bit of Christmas decorating yet. I only got all the Fall/Thanksgiving things put away last night. And technically this post is about Thanksgiving flowers, but I’m calling them holiday flowers to make myself feel better.

White flowers are my favorite, so when I was buying flowers for our Thanksgiving table I decided to indulge myself, even though white isn’t a traditional Thanksgiving color.

white carnatios and hydrangeas

I picked up some white hydrangeas and tiny white carnations at Costco, and at the grocery store I saw the floral designer using these dainty yellow flowers as filler in the arrangments she was making so I asked her if I could buy a few stems of them and she happily agreed.

White holiday flower arrangement

I used two clear footed vases and let me just sidetrack a bit to say that I love clear, footed vases and look for them at estate sales and other secondhand shops.

I use them for flowers, obviously, but they’re way more versatile than that. I’ve served dips out of them, put nuts and candy in them, and  I use this one on my coffee table to hold paper coasters that I bring home from restaurants.

paper coasters in clear vase

But at Thanksgiving I was using them for flowers and I loved the simplicity of these arrangements.

white hydrangea arrangement in clear vase

Thanksgiving flower arrangement in burlap vaseAlmost a week later, the hydrangeas and carnations are still going strong (the filler flowers only lasted a few days so I plucked them out.)

white carnation arrangement

How is you holiday decorating coming? Are your halls fully decked or are you moving slowly?

P.S. In between posts you’ll find me on Instagram. I’ll be sharing pictures of how I’m doing Christmas there soon.

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  1. Julie, the white flowers are lovely! So glad I’m not the only one who’s still putting away fall/Thanksgiving decor. It always amazes me how some people have their lights and tree up before Thanksgiving. I guess I’ll always be a “Let’s have and enjoy Thanksgiving before getting into Christmas” kind of girl. ~Jillian

    1. Same here, Jillian. I love Thanksgiving so much, and since we host a big shindig I’m always really focused on it. I’m starting to feel the itch to get out the Christmas stuff though. Happy holidays to you!

  2. Julie, we got our tree last night, so I’ve got the itch, too. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas posts and photos!

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