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White Soup Tureens

White dishes in pine hutch at CreatingThisLife.com

Many years ago – probably 15 or more – I bought the white soup tureen below at a garage sale.

White lidded soup tureen

I didn’t have plans to serve actual soup out of it and I don’t think I ever have.

White soup tureen with tray and ladle

But it’s been with me through two houses and has been, at various times, on top of my cabinets, in the center of the table with flowers in it, or in my dining room hutch.

When I took the pictures of my dining room for the post about decorating with white, I pulled the tureen out from behind one of the doors and put it in the open part of the hutch. That’s one of those pictures below.

pine hutch with white dishes and silver

I loved it there and wished I had had it there all along.

Not long after I went to a crazy estate sale (or rather sales (plural) – two houses on the same property). And that’s where I found these two.

White ironstone soup tureens

I loved their color (white!) and their style (kinda fancy) but what I really loved about them were their sizes, one slightly larger than the other, but both smaller than the tureens that I usually see.

White soup tureen handle detail

They look a little like ironstone to me, although neither is marked that way. The smaller one says Made in Japan on the bottom and the larger one has no marking at all.

White lidded soup tureen with handle

The larger one’s ladle looks like it came from another piece.

Vintage white soup tureens with lids and ladels

It’s a little brighter color of white and the lid doesn’t sit quite right with the ladle.

Pine Hutch with White Soup Tureens

The young woman running the sale said she thinks they belonged to her husband’s grandmother and that she (the grandmother) would have been happy someone was taking them home.

Traditional dining room with pine white dishes silver and clear glassware

You and me both, grandma. You and me both.

This post is part of Metamorphosis Monday and The Scoop.


  1. Hi Julie–
    Although I don’t blog, I do follow quite a few sites. Yours is one of my favorites; I love your classic simple style. And frankly, it doesn’t hurt that you are a Jayhawk fan (rock chalk!). My husband’s family is from Kansas (northwest area, Great Bend, KC, Wichita), so we truly identify with you! You have a great site, thanks for all of the ideas and eye candy!

    1. Thank you so much for your very nice comment. It made my day. I love all your Kansas connections. Thank you for being a reader and Rock Chalk!!

  2. Vanessa Bower says:

    Hi Julie,
    I just discovered your blog and I’m really, really enjoying it. I think what makes it even more special is that we both live in the KC metro area. My husband and I live in the Brookside area in one of those cute old (1921) money pits. Constant work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our daughter, went to KU !!!! (Rock Chalk, baby) Hubby and I are Michigan State Spartans. Needless to say, it gets crazy around here come March Madness time.
    I’m in love with your dinning room chandelier. Can you share more info about it in one of your future posts ?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hello Vanessa. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. You’re not the first person to ask about the dining room chandelier so I will post on that soon.

      Love that you’re in Brookside. So charming! I’ll be your house is just wonderful. Always happy to meet another college bball fan too. We like watching Michigan State play and always pull for them as long as they’re not playing the Jayhawks. 😉

      Thanks again. Hope you’ll be back soon! – Julie

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