Winter Urns

Our Christmas has all been taken down and as usual, I’m loving the clean uncluttered feel of the house. I’ve made one exception to the de-Christmasing, however: the pots on our front porch.

I’ve removed the ribbon, the reddish sticks, and the big silver ornaments, but I’m leaving the rest, even the lights, for as long as the greens stay at least somewhat greenish. I now consider them winter pots, and they keep things at least a little bit pretty at a time of year when we desperately need it.

Here are a few more winter pots that I’ve found.

I’ve had this one pinned for-ever! I love the wild feel to it. It’s a good reminder that you don’t need to buy anything to create these pots; branches and clippings from a walk or even your own yard will work just fine.

I know I used to have lighted branches like these but I can’t find them anywhere. I found these very similar ones (that are battery-operated and suitable for outdoor use) on Amazon. I like them better than the white Christmas lights that you have to weave through the greens so I’ve ordered them for next year.

Source Unknown

Just stunning. I could look at this for days.

This urn was created for a porch in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Another beauty. I love the eucalyptus and berries.

Source Unknown

And a beautiful winter pot with magnolia to end on.


  1. Linda Smith says:

    Beautiful urns! Gives me lots of ideas. Thanks Julie!

  2. Where do you like to buy your urns from?

    1. These came from Home Depot a number of years ago.

  3. Beautiful! A lovely way to appreciate the natural beauty of winter.

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